Modern Fortran Reference Card

Reference card for Fortran 90/95, with select features of Fortran 2003/2008.

Contents: Data Types, Control Constructs, Program Structure, Intrinsic Procedures, Input/Output

Vim Reference Card

Contents: Movements; Insertion & Replace; Deletion; Insert Mode; Search & Substitution; Standard Mode Formatting/Filtering; Visual Mode; Undoing; Repeating & Registers; Copying; Patterns; Spell Checking; Marks, Motions and Tags; Multiple Files / Buffers; Scrolling & Multi-Windowing; Misc Ex Commands; Ex Ranges; Completion; Folding, Compiling, Miscellaneous.

Python 2.5 Reference Card

Contents: variable types (numbers, sequences, sets, strings and regular expressions), basic syntax, object orientation and modules, exception handling, system interaction, input/output, standard library

LatexSuite Reference Card

This is my (unfinished) quick reference card for the LatexSuite plugin package for vim.

Contents: Latex-Suite Macros, Environment Macros, Font Macros, Greek and Auc-Tex Bindings, Alt Key Macros, Latex Completion, Compiling, Viewing, Searching, Folding, Multiple File Projects, Latex-Suite Commands, Misc Settings and Tricks.

Perl Reference Card

Contents: variable types, basic syntax, references and data structures, system interaction, input/output, regular expressions, object-oriented perl and modules, and one-liners.


This is my Regular/Latin1 ASCII Table.

Other Reference Cards

The reference cards were not written by me, but I find them extremely useful: