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With Club-Mate being almost impossible to obtain in the US (or at least extremely expensive, upwards of $5 per bottle), the following recipe is a homemade approximation. Most people that haven't undergone "man gewöhnt sich dran" seem to find the result more palatable than the original.

Makes two servings of 32oz mason jars each.




  1. Put 20g of yerba mate into one 32oz mason jar
  2. Cut open two Yogi Ginger Tea bags and add content to mason jar
  3. Add cold filtered water to mason jar while stirring in tea. Fill to the very top, leaving no air in the mason jar.
  4. Close mason jar and keep in fridge for 12-36 hours. You may shake the jar periodically.
  5. Pour cold brew into second mason jar through filter to remove tea leaves.
  6. Add a few squirts (15-20g) of lemon juice, stir.

This can be stored for several days. When ready to drink, for each serving:

  1. Add 20g of agave syrup to an empty mason jar.
  2. Pour in half of the cold-brew Mate (16oz), stir vigorously
  3. Add one can of lemon-lime seltzer, stir lightly
  4. Enjoy while cold and before carbonation dissipates


  • Guayaki is available in many supermarkets, but quite expensive. I've gotten cheaper yerba mate in bulk on Amazon, but some of them have a very smoky flavor.
  • Cold water is essential. Room-temperature water will over-extract the mate.
  • The cold brew is quite stable between 12 and 36 hours, so the exact brew time doesn't matter very much.
  • Finely diced fresh ginger works too, but it's a bit much work, and the extra stuff like lemongrass in the Yogi Ginger Tea adds a little something.
  • I've tried different brands of seltzer and cannot detect a difference between them. If you can find something that's very carbonated, that would be preferable.
  • Using carbonated water during the cold brew is a bit messy and the carbonation doesn't persist to be noticeable.
  • If you have a soda maker (I don't), it might be worth trying to carbonate the cold-brew with that.
  • I've tried other seltzers. Orange seltzer is interesting, but a very different drink.
  • The original Club Mate has a faint plum flavor that I haven't been able to replicate so far. Maybe a different syrup?