I ran into some problems the other day from a misunderstanding about how passing strings works in fortran.

Consider the following program:

program teststrings

  implicit none
  integer, parameter :: stringlength=100
  character (len=10) :: a
  character (len=10) :: b
  character (len=stringlength) :: c

  a = 'Hello'
  b = 'World'
  c = trim(a)//' '//trim(b)
  call printstring(c)
  call printstring(trim(a)//' '//trim(b))


  subroutine printstring(s)
    character (len=stringlength) :: s ! this is a bug

    write (*,*) ""
    write (*,*) "len(s) = ", len(s)
    if (s == 'Hello World') then
    write (*,*) "s == 'Hello World' is True"
    write (*,*) "s == 'Hello World' is False"
    end if

    write (*,*) 'trim(s) = "'//trim(s)//'"'
  end subroutine printstring

end program teststrings

The output of this program is the following:

len(s) =          100
s == 'Hello World' is True
trim(s) = "Hello World"

len(s) =          100
s == 'Hello World' is False
trim(s) = "Hello WorldS,AF(sdfl0qhahsd j

However, if I change line 18 to

character (len=*) :: s

I get this output:

len(s) =          100
s == 'Hello World' is True
trim(s) = "Hello World"

len(s) =           11
s == 'Hello World' is True
trim(s) = "Hello World"

This illustrates the following points:

  • Inside subroutines, you must always declare string dummy parameters as character (len=*). This is called 'assumed length' (cf. Fortran 90 Handbook, section 12.5.1). The parameter will end up with the the same length as the variable or string that is passed to the subroutine. If you don't use len=*, you will run into problems if the string that you pass to the subroutine is shorter than what you declared for dummy parameter. Not observing this rule can easily introduce serious bugs into your program.
  • String comparisons between strings of different length work like this: The shorter string is padded on the right with spaces until it matches the length of the longer string. Then, both strings are compared. (cf. Fortran 90 Handbook, section So, comparing strings of different length works, you don't have to use the trim function.