Self-Documenting (GNU) Makefiles

  Recipe for Carbonated Cold-Brew Mate

  Analytical Ramsey Scheme for a single TLS

  The Analytical Solution of Rabi Cycling in the Two-Level-System

  The "U.S. International - Scientific" Keyboard Layout

  Generating Random Matrices with Normalized Spectral Ranges in Python and Julia

  Showing a warning for the "latest" documentation on ReadTheDocs

  Time Discretization in Quantum Optimal Control

  Inter-Release Versioning Recommendations

  Goodnotes Calendar and Agenda Templates

  Editing LaTeX on the iPad with iVim

  Custom template for converting jupyter notebooks to latex

  Linear Regression Notes

  Plotting the sparsity pattern of a matrix

  PDF Tricks and Tips

  Sympy Expression as graphical tree inside IPython notebook

  Dissipator of a Two-Level-System as an Explicit Superoperator

  Accessing a Jupyter notebook server through reverse port forwarding

  Singleton Objects in Python

  Synchronizing an array over multiple MPI processes

  Reasonably Secure Pair Programming

  Extending Sphinx/Napoleon Docstring Sections

  Calculating Expectation Values and Variances for Quantum Trajectories

  Using pytest Proto-Fixtures

  A note on Python (class) attributes

  Figure out unknown encoding of a unicode symbol

  Use of the logging module in Python

  Converting Word files to markdown

  Process Pools in Bash

  Pip and Github Clone URLs

  Guessing the Decomposition of the Transmon Hilbert Space

  Colors for XMGrace

  Decomposing Two-Qubit Hamiltonians into Pauli-Matrices

  Finding the Closest Unitary for a Given Matrix

  Reference implementation of the quicksort algorithm

  Creating EPS files from TikZ

  Creating Publication-Ready EPS/PDF Files from Gnuplot

  Combine PDF Chapters into an Ebook with LaTeX

  Floating Point Numbers, Down to the Bit

  Advanced Array-Passing in Fortran

  PDF Bookmarks with LaTeX

  Creating Combined tikz/png Plots

  Accessing GMail through Python

  Annotating LaTeX Lists with Flowchart symbols

  Adding Local-File fields to BibDesk created BibTeX File

  Converting an SVN repository to git

  OCT Diagrams in TikZ

  Printable Paper with LaTeX and TikZ

  Vim Plugin for Completion of Fortran Structures

  Creating an ISO image on MacOS X

  Setting Adium Status Messages with Quicksilver

  Some Fortran String Gotchas

  GSP Tools Macro Set